Introducing dr. Flora

My name is Fleur Gooren and I am a doctor. Together with my husband I live in rural Southern Tanzania, in a small town called Mnero. Here we work, live and help support the local Hospital.

As a 13-year-old girl I set myself one goal; to become a tropical doctor and work in Africa. The next couple of years I studied hard to get into medical school. Once I started, I focused on seeing as much of the world and different health systems as I could and ‘test’ if I was really suited for working in the tropics. I travelled to China, Surinam, South Africa, St. Martin, Thailand and many countries in Africa. But when I arrived in Tanzania for my research rotation I knew; this is where I want live. In the meantime my friends had started calling me Flora Explora.

After finishing medical school I started working in the emergency room, waiting for an opportunity to apply for the specialization Doctor in Global Health and Tropical Medicine. And I got in! While living in Amsterdam I did my residencies in Rotterdam (Surgery) and Arnhem (Obs&Gyn), Public Health course in Amsterdam. Hectic years, but I would not want to change a thing.

When preparing for my final residency in Sierra Leone, I met Jos. Totally not ready for love and definitely not interested in anybody interfering with my goals. But he was stubborn enough not to give up. We fell head over heals and when I left for Sierra Leone he followed me 2 months later.

And here we are. Since july 2018 we have been living in Tanzania. I work as a Doctor in Global Health and Tropical medicine, focusing on maternal health and Jos works as a management consultant. There are no other expats around for a 2-hour drive and we live in a truly rural village. We adopted a dog called Sanka and are trying to give her puppy training the Tanzanian-Dutch way. But most of all we hope to contribute to the hospital as much as we can, while enjoying our life in this unique part of the world.

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