Mnero Hospital entrance

Mnero Hospital

The hospital was founded in the early 1950’s, next to the Benedictine Mission of Mnero. The mission itself was built in 1914, and was one of the earliest places of Benedictine missionary activities in (the former) Southern Tanganyika.

The first Medical Director of Mnero Hospital, Dr. Leader Stirling, led the construction of the hospital. Thereafter, Dr. Stirling worked for 14 years in the hospital, and later became the Minister of Health of Tanzania from 1976-1980. Throughout these years, the hospital was first run by the Benedictine missionaries, and later by the Salvatorian Sisters and several European doctors. In 1979, the hospital was handed over to the Catholic Diocese of Lindi. After some difficult years, without a doctor in Mnero, the German Development Service (DED) started to provide help in 1989 and has sent several doctors to Mnero Diocesan Hospital. However, this collaboration ended in 2008, leaving the hospital without a European doctor, and for years the hospital was run with limited qualified staff members.

The former German doctors who worked in Mnero decided they wanted to keep providing help to Mnero Diocesan Hospital, and the people of Mnero. They founded Solidarität Mnero (SolMne), which has helped the hospital for over 25 years with both financial and staff support. In 2016, SolMne sent two Dutch doctors to provide both medical, and management support to the hospital. In 2019, Stichting Mnero was founded to support Mnero hospital by providing high-quality medical equipment, renovating and maintaining hospital buildings and providing training for the hospital staff.

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